Dear Pankaj,
This message is for a friend, a younger brother and the son of soil who chose and worked hard to serve the mother land to the best of his abilities.
Today you embark on a new journey and probably gonna start living the ultimate dream of an Indian soldier of serving at one of the most hostile borders in the world ,where the threat is as severe from this side of the border as it is from the other side of it.
On this friendship day as the world is busy enjoying it with their loved ones , you are busy packing your bags leaving fun parties behind to save “unseen” “unknown” friends. A young captain is all set to face and win against the hardcore militants and enemies from across the border. You are my “Sultan” you are my “Gold medalist Olympian”.
In our previous meeting when you were as jolly as you have always been even when you were aware of the challenges lying ahead , you silently taught me a lesson for life to live it to the fullest and take the challenges head on. Enjoy the journey without worrying too much about the destination, after all its just one life so why not make it large?
I look forward to many more such meetings , many more laughs on our silly jokes , many more “cheers” 😉 and specially many more said/ unsaid lessons of life when this young captain would return as much more matured / experienced individual having seen life so closely.

Vijayi Bhav , Jai hind
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